7 Traits of a Great Locksmith

Service professionals in any industry have varying levels of talent. Experience, credentials and consumer approval all equate into a reputable expert who can help anyone with a problem. Locksmiths are more important than ever as security becomes top priority in both residential and commercial buildings. When you’re in the market for a great locksmith, consider these traits that are hallmarks of a professional.

1.) Legitimate Business Name and Address

The simplest way to narrow down a great locksmith is by learning the business name and address. Make a call to a particular professional. When they answer the phone, the business name should be automatically conveyed to the caller. Answering with a basic “good morning” or “locksmith at your service” isn’t the hallmark of an expert. You should also be able to ask about the physical address. Most locksmiths have actual addresses so that they can file paperwork or greet visitors as necessary. Mobile experts are in the industry, but they’re very few in number.

2.) Outstanding Consumer Reviews

Go online, and research the company’s name. Experts will have largely, positive reviews. Negative comments are possible, but they should be small in quantity. Some of those negative comments may even have responses from the expert. Look over both the positive and negative comments so that you can see the bigger picture surrounding the company. A few issues with clients will happen to any expert over time. The majority of clients will have many good words about the company as they’re helped with a lockout or other emergency.

3.) Reasonable Estimate Over the Phone

Reputable locksmiths have a good idea of cost for each job. As you contact the professional, describe the project with as much detail as possible. This basic description will help the locksmith form a cost in his or her mind. Most locksmith services are confined to certain tasks, such as rekeying a lock or replacing entire locksets. If a professional cannot offer an estimate over the phone, look for another company. These locksmiths may arrive at the home with an exorbitant charge ready to be dealt. You should always know a rough estimate before they even arrive.

4.) Identification Upon Arrival

A random person shouldn’t arrive at your home and begin the project. Professionals will offer you their identification before starting any work on the home. The identification should note the person’s name, title, company name and contact information. A photo usually accompanies the ID too. All of this information should match your conversation with the professional over the phone. If there’s any question about the person at the door, call the company’s office phone number. Any concerns can be sorted out before you allow the person into your home.

5.) Provides Insurance When Requested

A great locksmith carries insurance on their work. Ask for the insurance policy number, and call the designated hotline. Reputable locksmiths want you to verify their policies because it only bolsters their image even further. The policy carrier can tell you about the coverage in case there are any mishaps on the job. It’s rare for a professional to use the insurance on a regular basis, but it’s a handy item to have for protection. It benefits both the client and contractor when the project begins. Everyone will be covered for any damages if the unexpected happens.

6.) Explains Any Estimate Changes

Basic, locksmith services rarely require a change to the estimate. The professional simply completes the job and charges the customer. However, there are instances where estimates might be changed. For example, a rekeying project isn’t straightforward. The internal components might be rusted or breaking down. The locksmith must reevaluate the project and offer a new cost. That project can usually be finished during the same appointment as long as the client approves the new charges. You’re welcome to ask about the project’s new details too. Responsible contractors are always happy to explain their tasks.

7.) Follows Up With Clients

Great locksmiths don’t complete a project and never contact the client again. You should expect the professional to follow up with the project. Experts might contact you about a week after the appointment. They’ll ask about any questions or concerns regarding the work. Bring up any issues that might be plaguing the household. Professionals will be happy to reevaluate the lock if there is any problems. This followup call or visit is usually accompanied by a business card being offered to the client. Keep their number on hand for any future emergencies.

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