Five Valuable Reasons to Have a Quality Safe in Your Home

home security set upYour home is the most valuable asset that you own. To keep your property secure and to prevent any damage to the interior from the elements, you make sure that your roof does not leak, your windows close securely, and your doors have functioning locks. You may also have a security alarm system that will let you know when uninvited individuals attempt to enter your home. While those precautions are good preventative measures against outside sources, you’ll want to add a level of security for the items within your home. And the best protective enhancement would be to add a good quality safe within your home.

I know that you are thinking that if you have an alarm system, and maybe even motion detectors; why would you need to have a safe in the house? That is a good question, and here are just five of the main reasons why having a quality safe in your home can give you an added feeling of safety and security.



There are a number of important documents that need to be kept in a secure place, where you’ll be able to locate them easily in the event that you need them. These would include the deeds to all of your properties, birth certificates, passports, marriage license, wills, diplomas and professional degrees, business contracts, titles to your vehicles and recreational equipment, and all forms of insurance policies.



Not everyone is comfortable with leaving their valuable items in a safe deposit box at a bank. If you want easy access to your jewelry, watches, ready cash, and collectable coins, stamps, etc., keeping these items in a home safe is an excellent way to maintain control over, and limit access to, your assets.



Family heirlooms can be anything from pictures of your ancestors to pieces of monogrammed silverware, and if lost or damaged, these items can rarely be replaced. Keeping them in a home safe is an excellent way to preserve them while saving them for the time that they will be passed on to the next family generation.



Without a doubt, keeping your firearms locked up is a positive way to ensure that they will not become a potential hazard to any young children in your home or to any other unlicensed gun owner. WA Police also have strict legal guidelines to follow in relation to fire arm storage.  Too often visitors or young family members just want to handle a firearm without understanding the lethal danger that they represent.



The two things that no one can control are Mother Nature and sudden accidents. We have all seen or heard about homes being damaged or destroyed by winds, heavy rains, and faulty water pipes, gas lines, and electrical wires. When your documents and valuables are secured in a quality safe, you have an increased opportunity that these items will survive home tragedies.



There are a number of industry rated, home safe, configuration designs to satisfy a variety of home owner needs. Popular safe designs will fit in the wall, in the floor, in a drawer, and stand alone in a corner or a closet. Floor models can be flat and unmovable or on rollers so that the safe can be relocated or moved for cleaning. If you select a floor model, you will want it to be heavy enough that it will be difficult for one person to lift and carry it out of your home.

Home safe constructions range in their ability to resist tampering by a burglar and to resist internal damage when involved in a fire. This means that there are specifications built in safes to hamper the ability of home invaders to break into strongly constructed, combination safes and to protect a safe’s contents from extreme heat damage during a fire.



The best way to determine what you will need to protect your documents and valuables is to have an experienced, licensed, professional locksmith analyze your individual requirements and provide you with several home safe recommendations that will suit your needs and your wallet. Locksmiths in Perth is one of the area’s most trusted locksmith companies, serving the Perth area and the surrounding communities. They are locally owned and operated, licensed and bonded, with years of training and on-site experience. They are customer friendly and can provide you with a home evaluation for the perfect, top quality safe design to fit your unique needs. They are available 24/7 for emergency services, but you can also contact them for a home visit by calling (08) 6244 4215. Don’t wait and worry about what-if’s when you can protect you most valuable assets by calling Locksmith in Perth us today for a free quote